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    Where We Live NYC Plan: Progress Report

    Two years after the release of the Where We Live NYC Plan—the culmination of an inclusive and comprehensive process to identify goals, strategies, and actions that the City of New York will undertake to advance fair housing through 2025—we’ve made significant progress toward the plan’s six goals.

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Fair Housing Goals and Strategies

The City of New York engaged hundreds of residents, over 150 community-based and advocacy organizations, and dozens of governmental agencies through the Where We Live NYC process to discuss our history, assess how it is affecting our residents, our housing, and neighborhoods today, and create a plan to address persistent disparities. The plan is separated into six key goals that will guide the City’s work in advancing fair housing through 2025.

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Combat persistent, complex discrimination with expanded resources and protections

Facilitate equitable housing development in New York City and the region

Preserve affordable housing and prevent displacement of long-standing residents

Enable more effective use of rental assistance benefits, especially in amenity-rich neighborhoods

Create more independent and integrated living options for people with disabilities

Make equitable investments to address the neighborhood-based legacy of discrimination, segregation, and concentrated poverty


what is fair housing?

Learn about the basics of fair housing, information on your rights, and resources to get support with housing challenges.

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