As part of its process, the City undertook extensive analysis and invited wide public participation to better understand how fair housing challenges like segregation, discrimination, and lack of access to thriving neighborhoods affect New Yorkers.

Fair Housing Tool Kit

the plan

The Where We Live NYC Plan is the culmination of a two-year inclusive and comprehensive process to identify goals, strategies, and actions that the City of New York will undertake to advance fair housing through 2025. See also the Appendices.

the draft plan

Before the final plan the City released the Where We Live NYC Draft Plan, accompanied by a 60-day public comment period, during which time the City also held a public hearing.

community conversations

The Community Conversations: New Yorkers Talk Fair Housing Report summarizes what was learned through a series of focus-group style conversations with New Yorkers about fair housing issues.

stakeholder roundtable results

The Stakeholder Roundtable Results include the key materials summarizing each of the convenings of the Fair Housing Stakeholder Group.

let’s talk about fair housing toolkit

The City asked New Yorkers to talk about fair housing with family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, classmates, and community groups. The Toolkit includes instructions, talking points, discussion questions, and resources.