What is Where We Live NYC?


Where We Live NYC is a collaborative planning process led by the City of New York to better understand how challenges like segregation and discrimination impact New Yorker’s everyday lives. We will use that information to develop policy solutions that advance opportunity for all.

Through Where We Live NYC, the City of New York will:

  • Analyze how fair housing challenges impact New Yorkers’ lives, families, and access to opportunity through data analysis and extensive community engagement. What do we mean by fair housing?
  • Work with community leaders, government partners, and residents to uncover root causes of fair housing issues and develop meaningful solutions.
  • Develop and commit to policies aimed at fighting discrimination, breaking down barriers to opportunity, and building more just and inclusive neighborhoods.

We will share our analysis, insights, and a detailed policy action plan in a public report that will be submitted to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) in fall 2019.

Why Now?

  • The City of New York decided to launch Where We Live NYC despite recent setbacks from the federal government, including the delayed implementation of a requirement to perform an Assessment of Fair Housing, an important tool that keeps cities accountable for addressing decades of discrimination.
  • By moving forward with Where We Live NYC, the City of New York seeks to serve as a national fair housing leader in three ways:
    1. Demonstrate the value of  comprehensive and robust fair housing planning
    2. Collaborate with other high-cost cities to promote inclusive fair housing planning and policies that addresses challenges of affordability and displacement
    3. Serve as a model for meaningful, inclusive community engagement on fair housing and other pressing neighborhood issues